Recognizing the enormity of the mental health challenges our society faces, Blossom is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our workshops that are hosted at schools and companies to reach a wide audience. I have worked to create workshops for Lululemon Japan, Girls' Education Network, and the MindMatters Youth Mental Health Conference. 

様々な企業や学校で行われるメンタル・ヘルスワークショップを通して、メンタルヘルスへの認知度を高めています。過去にはLululemon Japanさん、Girls' Education Network, MindMatters Youth Mental Health Conferenceを含め、ワークショップを開催しました。


The workshops I create are tailored to fit the goals of each organization. I have created workshops covering various topics including mental health, leadership, and female empowerment. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your company or organization, please reach out to 


Lululemon Japanさんをはじめ様々な団体・学校・企業でワークショップを行ってきました。詳細について知りたいからはこちらからご覧になられます。

We have hosted workshops with several organizations, schools, and companies including Lululemon Japan. To learn more about our previous workshops please click here. 



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